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I’ve completed a 56 minute rough cut of the documentary film, The Elders, which I had the privilege of showing to 50 or so colleagues over at Emerson College last Wednesday. It was SUCH a thrill to experience this film with an audience. I was totally numb to the footage, and was even embarrassed that I had assembled a group to watch what I thought was an abysmal mess. To my surprise, I saw tears being wiped, faces glued to the screen and, near the end, uncontrollable laughter with a new kind of tear being wiped. The kind my sisters tease me about when I get laughing hard…

So I’ve come up for air for this week, and I have not touched the project since last Wednesday night. It feels good to get some distance, and I’m excited to dive back in and make needed changes and improvements.

To my colleagues and friends who were there…THANK YOU! And to those who have supported the film from the very begining, I’m excited about what this will look like a month from now and hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have a finished product we can all celebrate together.

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Through the eyes of an aging generation, The Elders examines what it really means to live, by coming of age. This website is dedicated to showcasing the stories filmed and the filmmaker's journey to film them.


A feature-length documentary, The Elders uses stylized interview portraits of elderly individuals to tell a universal story about life's most important lessons. Thematically organized around life lessons that reflect a wide range of human emotion and experience, the film seeks to reveal a larger more complex portrait of our shared humanity.

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