An interview with Dorcas, my 5th grade elementary school teacher. She’s one of a handful of educators in my life who I can immediately point to and say “you helped make me what I am today.” I was glad she agreed to be a part of The Elders documentary project.

Enjoy this short snippet from her longer interview.


Jack is a legend in the real cowboy world – the world where they actually work with cows and ride horses – He’s one of the most prolific artists in the western folk art of cowboy poetry. In his 90s, he still rides a tractor to cut the hay on his ranch in northern Nevada.


“Coach” spent his career turning boys into men on the football field. Many of his students went on to play college football, and a couple went on to the NFL. Enjoy this short clip about his time as a coach, from our 2.5 hour interview.


Ferdie (Ferdinand) is a Brooklyn born Actor and Director who spent 3 years fulltime on Broadway before he got in to Perfumery. He brought along a set piece he had designed for show he was directing at the senior community where he resides in Charleston, West Virginia.

Doy – Summersville, West Virginia

Doy had plenty to say and I appreciated his candid nature and genuine conviction. Enjoy this short clip from our 2 hour interview.

Interview 1: Pat – Boston, MA

I’ve walked by this store on Boylston street hundreds of times, and there is always an elderly woman peering out from behind the store front.

The front of the store is all glass, and the display case is filled with “collectible junk.” I couldn’t help but think every time I walked by, “how does this store survive, and what is that woman’s story?” I had no idea just how interesting the woman in the junk shop would turn out to be.

I decided early on to make the store an extension of the main character, Pat, as she is very much a part of the store and the store a part of her. I utilized an establishing shot from across the street to convey voyeuristic sense of peering in to this “familiar stranger’s” life. I wanted to create a sense of place, differentiated by sound and perspective, that marked the outside from the inside of the store. Read the rest of this entry »


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A feature-length documentary, The Elders uses stylized interview portraits of elderly individuals to tell a universal story about life's most important lessons. Thematically organized around life lessons that reflect a wide range of human emotion and experience, the film seeks to reveal a larger more complex portrait of our shared humanity.

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